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Getting your foundations right

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These last two weeks* have been all about the PIVOT – everyone is trying to focus on how to change things up and make things work to survive the current situation. In the marketing pivot sessions I have run, and in conversations with small businesses in general,  I am struck more and more that this situation is taking…

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Community – rising up together

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  Community – rising up together My day yesterday was bookended with Chamber of Commerce and Business Association meetings – all now virtual of course – and I was struck by some of the stories I heard of community pulling together. Times are definitely tough but there is a feeling of a return to local grassroots community…

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How do we focus right now?

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Just over 2 weeks ago my son and I managed to catch one of the last unrestricted flights back to Colorado from the UK. Being packed into the airport immigration lines felt strange and a little worrisome even though social distancing was not yet mandated. We put ourselves in a voluntary quarantine on arrival home,…