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Marketing Navigation System

I put together the Marketing Navigation System Program to help small businesses get super-clear on their marketing needs for growth and success.

You’ll develop a plan tailored to your requirements, and have access to the tools you need to implement best practice marketing, as well as personalized one-on-one marketing workshops with me to get your marketing systematized and effective.

Many small business owners today are so busy with the day-to-day survival of their business they don’t feel they have time to devote to marketing.

The irony is that when you need to build upward motion and increase sales, marketing is always part of the answer. Especially in current times.

Then there’s the fact that marketing seems to change so fast – with new tools and channels appearing seemingly overnight – social media platforms, the latest marketing technologies … it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with choices. Plus, there are so many things you COULD do – how do you know which ones are going to get you results?

How the Marketing Navigation System Works:

Set your compass…..

Get clear on your PURPOSE:

Strategically analyze your market position, competition, opportunities and business realities for powerful clarity on how to grow your business.

Develop a deep understanding of your ideal customer so that you can choose the right communications, promotions, and channels to get their attention and get them to engage and buy from you.

Get clear on your POWER:

Analyze how you currently communicate with customers to spot gaps and opportunities for growth and engagement.

Review potential marketing tools and techniques and their suitability for increasing your sales, so that you can focus on the activities which will make a difference to your bottom line.

Eliminate “spray and pray” marketing activities that just don’t get results and waste your time and money.

Put your POWER & PURPOSE together:

Working with me, design and create a laser-focused marketing plan that plays to your strengths so that you are confident of being as effective as possible in your marketing.

Then – work through the Marketing Navigation System:

Feel confident in executing great marketing in the areas that make the most difference to your business.

Access best practice trainings and courses on all aspects of marketing and prioritizing those that are most important for your business. and which will actually make a difference to your bottom line!

Work 1-on-1 with me twice a month to craft the details of your plan, refine it over time and power your implementation – focusing on the best-in-class work on the areas your business needs most – whether that be email communications, social media, creative work, events or any aspect of the marketing mix.

Get set up to boost your revenue, grow your brand and make you a force to be reckoned with.

What You Get:

In depth self- guided PURPOSE marketing audit to strategically analyze your business, market position, ideal customer, opportunities and business realities.

POWER-ranking communications  scorecard to highlight where you need to focus, where your strengths lie and where there are gaps.

POWER & PURPOSE marketing plan – bringing together everything to show clearly where you need to focus your marketing based on opportunities, strengths and resources.

2 hours one-on-one strategic marketing planning sessions per month with me to analyze your audit and scorecard,  and create the blueprint for your 6 month marketing plan. including expert recommendations, clear objectives and projected timelines so you can begin implementing confidently right away. Recommendations for a tailored program to quickly increase your skills in the areas that matter most to your business

Access to the full Marketing Navigation System program of training with pick-your-own modules suited to your business’s situation and priorities. Modules drive you towards best practice in areas such as:

  • Email communications
  • Social media
  • Web presence
  • Developing your brand – look and feel and messaging
  • Using graphic design
  • Events and presentations
  • Dealing with media and PR
  • Advertising
  • Writing copy for communications and blogs
  • Tracking success and metrics
  • Managing your customer data and lists
  • Planning strategy and tactics

Best practice worksheets, how tos, tools, resources, such as content calendars, social media planners, etc

$397 per month


Strategic planning
Marketing audits
Ideas generation and innovation
Communications planning
Digital communications
Social media
Voice over recording
Website review and planning
Brochure and flyer development
Project management of graphic design, web design, brochure and flyer production
Public speaking and facilitating